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Vigneaux Is Jacksonville’s Approved Dealer for Top Loading Dock Equipment

Vigneaux is Jacksonville’s approved dealer for both McGuire and Pioneer dock equipment, and is proud to have been a dealer for these top loading dock equipment companies for the past three years. We are thrilled to offer the best in McGuire and Pioneer, as part of our commitment to offering unmatched quality, value and reliability to our North Florida customers.

Pioneer Dock Equipment has been a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment for more than 40 years. Pioneer Dock Equipment is known for high-quality, durable dock products, and has developed a reputation for customer responsiveness. From levelers, truck restraints, seals and shelters to dock accessories and gates, Pioneer Dock Equipment has a full line of equipment to serve Jacksonville’s shipping and receiving needs.

Pioneer Dock Equipment now offers a new line of Smart+ products, the next generation in door operators, dock levelers and truck restraints. The line’s versa-panel operates all the equipment in a central location and features an emergency switch, a lock-out, tag-out switch that can be padlocked, and their human-machine interface (HMI). The HMI is the latest in the line of improvements in their equipment, and the key feature of the Smart+ technology.

Vigneaux is also proud to be an approved dealer for McGuire, which has manufactured high-quality dock leveling equipment since 1961. They take pride in delivering excellent products with strong warranty support. Best of all, McGuire manufactures from state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin and Arkansas, proudly bearing the “Made in America” label for all its dock levelers, truck restrains and specialty dock equipment.

Whether equipped on mechanic, hydraulic or air-powered dock levelers, McGuire’s signature touch is its iDock loading dock and communication controls. These technologically advanced controls provide an efficient interface with membrane dome technology. The iDock controls can also be connected to the cloud with web-based software for loading dock analytics.

Together, with our featured loading dock equipment providers, Vigneaux is helping bring Jacksonville the latest technologies in the business. All installs are backed by Vigneaux’s superior installation and 24/7 service guarantee.

For service requests and loading dock quotes, call Vigneaux at (904) 783-1600.

Avoid the “Tail Light Guarantee”

Not all guarantees are as good as a Vigneaux guarantee. In fact, some are downright nonexistent! In the commercial door and gate industry, those fly-by-night contractors are delivering what is jokingly referred to as a “tail light guarantee.” What is a tail light guarantee? This means that your contractor’s support ends when you see the truck’s tail lights leaving the jobsite.

When researching the best contractor for your residential, estate or farm gate in Jacksonville, the best way to avoid the tail light guarantee is to choose a company like Vigneaux, with 24/7 service and over 30 years installing and maintaining gate operators. Longevity and trust have helped Vigneaux become the go-to provider for swing gates, slide gates and remotes for the private and residential sectors.

“Many of these cut-rate operators are not returning customer calls, and simply disappearing when things go wrong,” said Brian Davis, Vigneaux President. “The costs of repairs can often exceed what the customer thought they were saving in the first place. Even worse, is when these residential gate operators are so improperly installed that they cause damage or injury.”

To protect yourself from that tail light guarantee, ask your contractor the following questions:

• Is your contractor licensed and insured?
• How long have they been serving the North Florida area?
• Do they perform the installation work themselves or hire it out to a third party?
• What are their service hours and policies?
• Are they an authorized distributor for quality, name-brand parts and components?

Vigneaux installs and services most brands of residential gate operators, including the more popular manufacturers like FAAC, Viking and LiftMaster. In addition to their extensive commercial offerings, they provide solutions for most residential gate needs, including:

• Estate Swing Gate Operators
• Estate Slide Gate Operators
• Residential Swing Gate Operators
• Residential Slide Gate Operators
• Actuator Arm Replacements
• Gate Openers
• Gate Remotes
• Photo Eye Safety Sensors

For service requests and free estimates on residential, estate or farm gate operators in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau and Clay counties, call Vigneaux at 904-783-1600.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

You’ve probably already heard that planned maintenance is good for your bottom line. Depending on the industry, studies suggest companies investing in planned maintenance can save an average of 12-18%, whereas the ROI on preventative maintenance can reach as high as 545%! The same holds true when maintaining your overhead door systems and gate operators. Planned maintenance can reduce downtime while ensuring your equipment lasts as long as possible. More importantly, any downtime with your access control system or door systems could mean a huge security risk for your company. Staying ahead of any breakdowns ensures that your company stays up-and-running, and your employees and business stay safe.

Serving the Jacksonville community, Vigneaux is committed to keeping your overhead door system and gate operators operating smoothly. We understand that when your access doors are down, you need them fixed in a hurry. But troubleshooting to determine the cause and conduct the repair costs you valuable unprotected time. To avoid that, planned maintenance is the best solution. We offer planned maintenance with quick turnaround times, in addition to our on-demand service calls. We can even waive your service call fee if you sign up for planned maintenance within five days of your repair. Call us today to schedule your quote.

For gate repairs in Jacksonville, FL or other access control point repairs in the Northeast Florida area, Vigneaux is the expert. Gates, overhead doors, and other access points have a lot of moving parts that require regular TLC. As part of our planned maintenance checks, we conduct a thorough inspection and address common problem sources, such as:

• Check for damage or loss of fluid
• Tighten fasteners
• Adjust tension and balance on gates
• Lubricate chains and bearings
• Replace fluids and/or batteries
• Ensure operator is functioning correctly and access door has full movement
• Inspect all electrical connections and voltages

We provide quotes for planned maintenance for nearly all access control, industrial door, and loading dock solutions, including:

• Barrier arms
• Turnstyles
• Dock equipment
• Elevated dock equipment
• Fire doors
• Rolling steel doors
• Sectional doors
• Parking grilles
• Chain drive gate operators
• Hydraulic gate operators
• Gate operators
• Swing gate operators
• Vertical gate operators

Call us today to schedule your free planned maintenance quote.

Vigneaux Launches New Jacksonville Showroom

Vigneaux is committed to being the leader in access control, overhead doors and gate operation, as well as baggage handling systems and loading dock solutions. In an effort to serve our clients even better, we are excited to announce that Vigneaux is building a new outdoor showroom. Currently under construction at 5863 W. Beaver Street in Jacksonville, the Vigneaux showroom will display some the latest in the innovative and diverse products we offer.

Our new showroom is slated to be complete in spring 2021. Clients will be able to discover new products and explore options to find a solution that best suits their needs. Many on-site products in the showroom will be “live”, allowing customers to actively try out operational features. The Vigneaux showroom will display some of the best from industry leaders like Hysecurity, Loadmaster, Doorking, Liftmaster, Micanan and Raynor.

Clients and guests will also be able to see many of the customizable options that Vigneaux offers on its product line. From bollards in made-to-order colors and reflective tape options to fully-customized gates and controls, Vigneaux is expanding the breadth of options in the industry.

The new Vigneaux showroom will include products like:

• Custom gates, slide gates and swing gates
• Custom privacy screening
• Presence sensors and motion-detecting lighting
• Edge-of-dock levelers
• Custom-designed bollard sleeve covers
• Access-controlled aluminum pedestrian gates
• Chain link and barbed wire fencing options

Vigneaux welcomes all our clients and guests in the Jacksonville area and throughout northeast Florida to swing by our showroom and explore our commercial, and even residential, options. All our products are backed by our signature 24/7 service, keeping you, your company and your property safe and secure.

Vigneaux Eliminates Shipping Delays

With FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service still playing catch up from the holidays, and the COVID-based demand for delivery services not looking to let up any time soon, Vigneaux is the solution to ensuring your overhead door, gate and access control parts are in hand when you need them. Their onsite warehouse has 10,000 square feet of space stocked with double the standard parts inventory, so customers don’t have to wait for parts to come in.

“The last thing a business needs is to remain vulnerable for days, or even weeks, while they wait for a part to come in,” said Brian Davis at Vigneaux. “We make sure the parts are stocked and available so that our quick-response service team can get customers back up and running ASAP.”

Vigneaux even guarantees a 24-hour response time when security is a critical issue. Their professional service technicians are able to provide round-the-clock emergency service. In addition to serving the Jacksonville metro area, Vigneaux has quick service call response times throughout Brunswick, Valdosta, Gainesville and Palm Coast.

“We are committed to putting the needs of our customers first. Whether needing to secure their building or loading dock, or get their overhead door back to operational, we are focused on keeping their business moving forward and minimizing their vulnerabilities. Anything we can do to eliminate delays, we do,” said Davis.

Vigneaux is an authorized dealer for many leading manufacturers, including:


If you need immediate service, or have been told that your necessary repair parts have been delayed or are on backorder, please contact Vigneaux at call 904-783-1600 or visit our service request page.

Vigneaux wins the Raynor Award….again!

Vigneaux is proud to have been selected by Raynor as a 2020 Diamond Sales Achiever for the fifth year in a row. This award recognizes the top sales distributors annually and is a testament to Vigneaux’s expertise in commercial and residential overhead doors. Only 12% of all dealers achieved an increase of 25% or more.

As a Raynor Premier Authorized Dealer, Vigneaux has been widely recognized as being at the top of the overhead door industry in training, sales and service. This designation identifies only those Raynor dealers who are industry leaders in their respective markets and are exemplary dealers of Raynor products.

“We are committed to offering the best in overhead doors, and are thrilled to be recognized by our longstanding partner, Raynor,” said Brian Davis, Vigneaux’s President. “By utilizing the highest-quality products from Raynor, we are able to provide the best in installation and performance, which is at the cornerstone of Vigneaux.”

Raynor provides the most comprehensive product offering in the industry, including residential garage doors and openers, commercial sectional, rolling and fire doors, and commercial operators. Vigneaux technicians are specifically trained to help customers choose the right door for their needs. The Vigneaux team then provides quality installation, delivering performance and reliability from day one. Our trained technicians can then service your doors regularly – for everything from safety and performance to appearance – making sure they last for years to come.

With more than 30 years of commercial door and gate experience, our team is dedicated to ensuring every job exceeds expectations. We stand behind every installation with our commitment to honest business practices, top-quality products, technical expertise, and the highest level of on-the-job professionalism. Rest assured that you will always receive prompt service and quality workmanship for every job.
We consider every client a part of the Vigneaux family, which means we’ll be there for you, whenever you need us. Our service technicians are available 24/7 and we provide a 24-hour response in situations where security is a concern.
Trust your overhead door installation to someone who knows it best. Contact Vigneaux today at (904) 783-1600, or visit our service request page.

3 Reasons Why Vigneaux Is Your Chain Link Fence Solution

Chain link fencing has long been one of the most popular fencing options for commercial and industrial businesses. Its durability, low cost and low maintenance make it a great choice for an additional layer of security and protection. This style of

fencing also has the least amount of visual blockages, minimizing the ability of a trespasser to hide behind a solid structure. Vigneaux offers solutions to establish, enhance and repair your perimeter security.

Experienced Fence Installation and Repair

Vigneaux’s customers prioritize the privacy, safety and protection of their assets and employees, and we are proud to put our more than 30 years of access control experience to work for them – from the ground up. Our experienced service professionals install and repair most types of fences and gates. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your property, provide more security, or simply need a quick repair on an existing fence, we carry an array of chain link fence parts from the most popular brands.

Added Chain Link Fence Security

While a fencing system creates a simple boundary against intruders, Vigneaux offers options to enhance your level of protection. Our gate control and access control options offer monitored access and more functionality than a traditional fence. For even more security, let Vigneaux add a layer of barbed wire to your chain link fence. Barbed wire is an easy way to add a layer of almost impenetrable protection. It’s easy to maintain, and repair and maintenance costs are minimized if installed by a fencing professional.

Free Estimates and Quick Repair

Chain link and barbed wire fencing can be a cost-effective solution for your commercial or industrial property if installed properly by a professional. At Vigneaux, we are experts in the field of access control, and can install, repair or enhance any project. Every project is installed by our professional service technicians and backed by our 24/7 emergency service. We even guarantee a 24-hour response in situations where security is an issue. Email us or visit our site for a free, no obligation estimate.

Vigneaux Service Remaining Open During COVID-19

As social distancing restrictions have changed the way the nation does business, we at Vigneaux are more committed than ever to do our part to keep your businesses running as smoothly as possible. Access to your business or residential facility is critical to ensure it continues to function the best it can during these times. Despite all of the closures due to COVID-19, we are remaining open to serve our customers in a safe and timely manner.

We have been able to make a smooth transition in light of the restrictions in this ever-changing climate. We are maintaining adequate stock levels for parts and working with our vendors to ensure the manufacturing and delivery of those essential parts continues uninterrupted. Our trained technicians remain available to service and repair your facility equipment. That means your gate operators and access systems will be back up and running as quickly as possible. The proper functioning of your remote and individual key card entries helps your employees and residents maintain social distancing guidelines and stay safe.

We also understand that shipping and logistics have become even more integral to this nation’s commerce and we refuse to let a malfunctioning overhead door or loading dock equipment slow you down. We recognize the pressing need to ensure necessary supplies reach essential businesses and will make your industrial door and security systems our highest-priority.

It is our pledge that Vigneaux’s exceptional customer service will not waver during this crisis. Our service team has been, and will continue to be, available 24/7 by calling (904) 783-1600. During normal business hours, you may also email us at

Together, we will keep business marching forward. Visit us at for additional information about our access control and commercial door systems.

Essential Business in a Wordwide Crisis

Vigneaux Corporation is an Essential Business and we remain open to serve Northeast Florida’s and Southeast GA’s security needs for exterior fencing, access control, exterior barriers arms, gates, gate operators, dock levelers, dock doors, loading dock equipment, commercial rollup doors, sectional doors, fire doors, hollow metal and glass doors.

Please have confidence in knowing our trained technicians are available to service and repair your critical facility equipment 24/7.  All our employees go through extensive background checks, drug testing and for everyone’s safety, they are required to hold certifications in the following:

  • Construction Site Safety- North Florida Safety Council
  • Forklift and Aerial Manlift Operator
  • Safety Leadership Development- North Florida Safety Council
  • Basic First Aid
  • OSHA
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Electrical Substation
  • CPR

Vigneaux is maintaining adequate stock level of parts and our vendors are continuing to manufacture and deliver industry essentials.

As always, service is available 24/7 at 904-783-1600.

During normal business hours, we can be reached at and

Access Control Systems Trending in Commercial Security

Crime rates are increasing across the globe, which is spurring a rise in the need for businesses to adopt additional security measures. The need for the safety and security of both people and property is universal across all industries and is often identified as that of primary importance to employers and employees alike.

How Important is an Access Control System?

An organization’s foremost responsibility is to protect and safeguard its employees. Additionally, there is a great importance, from a liability standpoint, for a business to secure its physical facility and assets. One of the most effective ways to accomplish both goals to install an access control system. The benefits of an access control system are two-fold. Access restrictions, whether through RFID, magnetic stripe, or other card reader system, ensure only those with proper authority are on-property. This provides a physical barrier for protection of what is inside the building, as well as a criminal deterrent for those outside the building. Secondly, electronic logs, like those from keypads or card entry systems, provide additional peace of mind. They map out everyone who may have given or received access at a particular time, should any issues occur.

Trends in Access Control For Perimeter Security

The overall access control market is expected to grow from $7.5 billion in 2018 to $12.1 billion by 2024.(1) In addition to traditional entry barriers like automatic gate systems and fences, businesses are looking for an additional layer of protection. However, the high cost of manned security has driven the demand for automated entry systems for the commercial sector. Access control systems provide consistent perimeter control, free from human error or bias, at a lower price point. Card-based readers are forecasted to be the most popular type of access control system, as businesses can regulate level of access, as well as monitor employee activity.

Why Vigneaux is a Leader in Access Control

We are experts in access control for commercial and industrial buildings. For more than 30 years, we have managed the design, installation, maintenance and service for parking, gate and entry control systems. Our access control and perimeter security systems are designed to meet each customer’s individual budget and specifications, and installed to last. We also understand the importance of a well-operating system, especially when a malfunction creates a security issue. Our emergency service team responds within 24 hours to ensure your business stays as protected as possible. Our expert technicians are trained on the latest equipment and technology to get you back up and running quickly.

If you are looking to increase security, or are having trouble with your existing access control system, please contact Vigneaux at call 904-783-1600 or visit our service request page.

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