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Benefits of Planned Maintenance

You’ve probably already heard that planned maintenance is good for your bottom line. Depending on the industry, studies suggest companies investing in planned maintenance can save an average of 12-18%, whereas the ROI on preventative maintenance can reach as high as 545%! The same holds true when maintaining your overhead door systems and gate operators. Planned maintenance can reduce downtime while ensuring your equipment lasts as long as possible. More importantly, any downtime with your access control system or door systems could mean a huge security risk for your company. Staying ahead of any breakdowns ensures that your company stays up-and-running, and your employees and business stay safe.

Serving the Jacksonville community, Vigneaux is committed to keeping your overhead door system and gate operators operating smoothly. We understand that when your access doors are down, you need them fixed in a hurry. But troubleshooting to determine the cause and conduct the repair costs you valuable unprotected time. To avoid that, planned maintenance is the best solution. We offer planned maintenance with quick turnaround times, in addition to our on-demand service calls. We can even waive your service call fee if you sign up for planned maintenance within five days of your repair. Call us today to schedule your quote.

For gate repairs in Jacksonville, FL or other access control point repairs in the Northeast Florida area, Vigneaux is the expert. Gates, overhead doors, and other access points have a lot of moving parts that require regular TLC. As part of our planned maintenance checks, we conduct a thorough inspection and address common problem sources, such as:

• Check for damage or loss of fluid
• Tighten fasteners
• Adjust tension and balance on gates
• Lubricate chains and bearings
• Replace fluids and/or batteries
• Ensure operator is functioning correctly and access door has full movement
• Inspect all electrical connections and voltages

We provide quotes for planned maintenance for nearly all access control, industrial door, and loading dock solutions, including:

• Barrier arms
• Turnstyles
• Dock equipment
• Elevated dock equipment
• Fire doors
• Rolling steel doors
• Sectional doors
• Parking grilles
• Chain drive gate operators
• Hydraulic gate operators
• Gate operators
• Swing gate operators
• Vertical gate operators

Call us today to schedule your free planned maintenance quote.

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