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3 Reasons Why Vigneaux Is Your Chain Link Fence Solution

Chain link fencing has long been one of the most popular fencing options for commercial and industrial businesses. Its durability, low cost and low maintenance make it a great choice for an additional layer of security and protection. This style of

fencing also has the least amount of visual blockages, minimizing the ability of a trespasser to hide behind a solid structure. Vigneaux offers solutions to establish, enhance and repair your perimeter security.

Experienced Fence Installation and Repair

Vigneaux’s customers prioritize the privacy, safety and protection of their assets and employees, and we are proud to put our more than 30 years of access control experience to work for them – from the ground up. Our experienced service professionals install and repair most types of fences and gates. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your property, provide more security, or simply need a quick repair on an existing fence, we carry an array of chain link fence parts from the most popular brands.

Added Chain Link Fence Security

While a fencing system creates a simple boundary against intruders, Vigneaux offers options to enhance your level of protection. Our gate control and access control options offer monitored access and more functionality than a traditional fence. For even more security, let Vigneaux add a layer of barbed wire to your chain link fence. Barbed wire is an easy way to add a layer of almost impenetrable protection. It’s easy to maintain, and repair and maintenance costs are minimized if installed by a fencing professional.

Free Estimates and Quick Repair

Chain link and barbed wire fencing can be a cost-effective solution for your commercial or industrial property if installed properly by a professional. At Vigneaux, we are experts in the field of access control, and can install, repair or enhance any project. Every project is installed by our professional service technicians and backed by our 24/7 emergency service. We even guarantee a 24-hour response in situations where security is an issue. Email us or visit our site for a free, no obligation estimate.

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