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Access Control Systems Trending in Commercial Security

Crime rates are increasing across the globe, which is spurring a rise in the need for businesses to adopt additional security measures. The need for the safety and security of both people and property is universal across all industries and is often identified as that of primary importance to employers and employees alike.

How Important is an Access Control System?

An organization’s foremost responsibility is to protect and safeguard its employees. Additionally, there is a great importance, from a liability standpoint, for a business to secure its physical facility and assets. One of the most effective ways to accomplish both goals to install an access control system. The benefits of an access control system are two-fold. Access restrictions, whether through RFID, magnetic stripe, or other card reader system, ensure only those with proper authority are on-property. This provides a physical barrier for protection of what is inside the building, as well as a criminal deterrent for those outside the building. Secondly, electronic logs, like those from keypads or card entry systems, provide additional peace of mind. They map out everyone who may have given or received access at a particular time, should any issues occur.

Trends in Access Control For Perimeter Security

The overall access control market is expected to grow from $7.5 billion in 2018 to $12.1 billion by 2024.(1) In addition to traditional entry barriers like automatic gate systems and fences, businesses are looking for an additional layer of protection. However, the high cost of manned security has driven the demand for automated entry systems for the commercial sector. Access control systems provide consistent perimeter control, free from human error or bias, at a lower price point. Card-based readers are forecasted to be the most popular type of access control system, as businesses can regulate level of access, as well as monitor employee activity.

Why Vigneaux is a Leader in Access Control

We are experts in access control for commercial and industrial buildings. For more than 30 years, we have managed the design, installation, maintenance and service for parking, gate and entry control systems. Our access control and perimeter security systems are designed to meet each customer’s individual budget and specifications, and installed to last. We also understand the importance of a well-operating system, especially when a malfunction creates a security issue. Our emergency service team responds within 24 hours to ensure your business stays as protected as possible. Our expert technicians are trained on the latest equipment and technology to get you back up and running quickly.

If you are looking to increase security, or are having trouble with your existing access control system, please contact Vigneaux at call 904-783-1600 or visit our service request page.

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